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The Desire to Change: You’ve gotta want it…

If you desire radical change in your life, you must WANT radical change. In today’s vlog I riff about the importance of surrendering to our desire for change. If you don’t truly want to change then you’ll continue to stay in the same cycle. I encourage you to join me in the ego outing process and share a habit you’ve had trouble changing. Getting honest is the first step to true surrender.

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Easy secrets for body confidence

Easy secrets for body confidence

By WeightWatchers.com


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Not happy with your reflection or brimming with body confidence? Unsurprisingly, you’re not alone. But sadly there are too many women are embarrassed with their bodies and giving their figure the thumbs down. New research from the University of Queensland shows that about 80% of Australian women are unhappy with their body image.

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10 Thoughts On Mindful Living In 2013

1. Make this the year you follow through.




3. Other people may have opinions about where your life is headed, but only you have the power to prove them wrong.


4. The path to fearless living goes straight through the roadblocks, NOT AROUND THEM.




6. Creativity goes beyond sheer artistry; IT TAKES COURAGE TO EXPRESS YOUR IDEAS.


7. Disagreements offer invaluable insights. Don’t avoid them-study them.


8. To truly detoxify your lifestyle, think about what you can add in, NOT JUST TAKE OUT.


9. The coziest homes aren’t merely filled with stuff; THEY’RE DESIGNED TO BRING PEOPLE CLOSER.


10. An ending doesn’t have to be sad. IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO BEGIN SOMETHING NEW.

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Who Do You Think You Are? Why You’re in Control of Your Destiny…

By Mike Robbins


If you had to sum up your life’s story, would you say it’s inspiring? Boring? Tragic? Realize that not only are you the main character in your life, but you’re also the author—only you can determine if you think your story is good and what the next chapter will be!

Sometimes when I’m about to take a big risk, go for something important or step out in a bold way in my life, a judgmental question will pop up in my head: “Who do you think you are?” Does this ever happen to you?

This is one of the many ways the feelings of not being good enough or of unworthiness show up in your life and get in the way of your success, fulfillment and authenticity. Sadly, as most of people know, this question doesn’t come from your true self; it comes from your “Gremlin,” the little monster in your head whose only job is to keep you out of perceived danger. The more you listen to your Gremlin, the more you allow him or her to sabotage your life.
However, this question, “Who do you think you are?”—while often asked in a negative, critical way and is something you allow to stop you from doing, saying and going for important things in life—is also a very important question for you to ask and answer honestly. When you look at it on deeper level, you see that your answer to this question has a lot to do with how you experience life in general.
How life is for you has a lot less to do with your circumstances or situations and much more to do with how you relate to them and the thoughts you have. Some of the most powerful thoughts you think and the ones that have the most impact on you are the thoughts you have about yourself (i.e., who you think you are).
Everyone has a story about themselves and their lives. These stories are often dramatic, funny, scary, inspiring, sad, intense, boring, enjoyable or tragic (usually a combination of many of these things). In most cases, the story you have changes a bit, depending on how you’re feeling about life and yourself at any given time.
One of the things you may sometimes forget, however, is that you’re the author of the story of your life, not just the main character. You may think that your story has to do with all the things that have happened to you, the qualities you were born with or have cultivated, the stuff you’ve done or haven’t done yet. But, when you remember that your story is a function of your thoughts, most specifically the thoughts you have about yourself, you can be empowered to consciously transform not just your story, but your life as a whole.

Here are a few things to think about and do to enhance your thoughts about yourself and therefore enhance your experience of life:

  • Notice when your feelings of being not good enough or of unworthiness show up.
    In other words, pay attention to when the question, “Who do you think you are?” stops you in your tracks and takes you out of the game of your life. When you’re able to notice this, be honest about and have some compassion for yourself, you can take your power back from your Gremlin in those moments and step more fully into who you really are.
  • Ask yourself more deeply, “Who do you think you are?”
    Go deeper with this question, beyond the judgment, and really inquire about how you relate to yourself. What’s your story? The more honest you can be about the story you have about yourself, the easier it is for you to acknowledge it, own it and ultimately change it. Remember, these stories are not “true”—they are simply your interpretations, judgments and beliefs. You created them, so you have the power to transform them at any time.
  • Upgrade your story about yourself.
    In the specific areas of your life where your story is not empowering, inspiring or fulfilling, see if you’re willing and able to “upgrade” it in an authentic way. This basically means you change your thoughts, words and feelings about your story in a genuine way. Because people often get so attached to their stories and tend to defend them passionately, this upgrading process can be challenging. It sometimes takes support, feedback and coaching from others in order for you to move beyond your story and remember that you have the power to upgrade it whenever you’re ready.

Who you think you are is one of the most foundational aspects of how you relate to life and yourself. As Henry Ford said in his famous quote: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” This simple quote is so wise and profound. And, whether you think you’re great not, you’re always right—it’s a function of who you truly think you are.

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Expectations really are funny things. They surround us and our society seems to need them in order to know how to function day-to-day. I never thought there was anything wrong with expectations until I realized the problem isn’t what other people expect of us, it’s the expectations we put on ourselves and others that are so dangerous. We’re frantic to be anything and everything other than simply who we are, where we are, right now. The constant internal and external voicing of “should” perpetuates the endless not enough-ness that lives inside our heads and hearts. When we’re going fast, we “should” slow down and when we are slow, we “should” be more productive. We “should” be in a relationship, be single, get better grades, do more, weigh less, fight harder, live longer, be stronger, smarter, and more popular. I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.

It’s been 28 years and I’m just now really aware of the critical voice inside my head. She makes me feel bad for being vulnerable or for not being more successful. When my body needs rest, she calls me lazy. And when I prioritize myself over others, she calls me a bad friend. She tells me that in order to have value and keep friends, I better use my gift to lift people up. If I’m not feeling particularly positive or high-energy, I “should” probably just fake it or stay home all together. The word “should” immediately implies that it’s not enough simply just being. You can imagine how easy it must be to live in constant disappointment of ourselves and I wonder how many of us do.

Well I’m here to tell you (and myself) that I’m fed up, so I’m eliminating the word “should” from my vocabulary. I’ll replace it with phrases like, “I’d love to” or just omit the term altogether. You’ll be truly shocked once you start to listen for that word just how often you hear it from people around you and inside your own head. So, I’m going to practice loving myself exactly as I am right now on a daily basis.

Can you imagine if we all agreed to give it our best shot and when we fall short, just call it what it is? “I’m being lazy and eating food that doesn’t give my body what it needs.” “I’m not motivated and my success will be affected by that.” “I’d really love to meditate today because I know how good it makes me feel.” How about some self-compassion? “I’m sorry, self that you don’t feel optimistic right now and whatever you’re feeling is causing you pain, but I know we will get through this.” How revolutionary!

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I Say Never…


Now that I’ve entered middle age, it’s occurred to me that no matter how high the number of years I’ve lived increases there are a few things I can definitely say I’ll never do:

1.       I’ll never tire of hearing that I’m cute.

2.       I’ll never quit trying to be the best me I can be.

3.       I’ll never quit aspiring to get a bikini-worthy bod.

4.       I’ll never base my worth as a woman based on the number of a scale.

5.       I’ll never lose my inner childishness.

6.       I’ll never spend less than $20 bucks for a haircut unless I’d like to be scalped.

7.       I’ll never buy another convertible or (any car smaller then a Toyota Camry)

8.       I’ll never judge a book by its cover or anything else by its outward appearance.

9.       I’ll never enhance my face by any surgical procedure.

10.   I’ll never be able to whistle (I’ve tried! I’m convinced…).

11.   I’ll never wish to be anything other than a southern girl.

12.   I’ll never waste my time counting calories (life’s too short).

13.   I’ll never fly coach on a flight 10 hours or longer (I’ll save up to upgrade to premium)

14.   I’ll never run for President nor do I desire to.

15.   I’ll never turn down a trip to go anywhere, every place can be adventuresome.

16.   I’ll never say never after finishing this list…(laughing)… to be continued…

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“I still walk around some mornings and look at the world and think, ‘Oh my God. This is so fantastic, and there’s so many opportunities to do good and to be happy.'”
–Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Anna Quindlen on growing older and living a spiritual life.

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10 Thoughts On Mindful Living…


1. It’s important to occasionally go out on a limb-especially if you expect to get the best fruit.

2. Walt Whitman may have said it best: “If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”

3. Think about the places or environments that bring out the best in you. Now figure out a way to visit them more often

4. Dwelling on small joys is more rewarding than obsessing over little annoyances.

5. File under clichéd-but-true: The quirky things that make you “you”-even the so-called flaws-may turn out to be assets.

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What Does it Mean to Have Soul?

by Dr. Judith Rich


Some people say we live in a “soulless” world, or they refer to a place as “having no soul.” What does it mean to have “no soul”? What does it mean to have soul?

Some people are called “lost” souls, some are “old” souls and some look for a soul mate. We have our soul brothers and soul sisters. What does it mean to share soul with someone?

How do you know if you’re in the presence of soul, be it in a place, in a person or even in a thing? Does art have soul? Does food have soul? Does music have the quality of soul?

The answer, of course, to all of these questions is “yes.” We could look upon everything in the world as either having that ineffable quality we call “soul” or missing whatever it is we think of as soul. But what does it mean to have soul? And how do you know if you’re in its presence?

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