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I Say Never…


Now that I’ve entered middle age, it’s occurred to me that no matter how high the number of years I’ve lived increases there are a few things I can definitely say I’ll never do:

1.       I’ll never tire of hearing that I’m cute.

2.       I’ll never quit trying to be the best me I can be.

3.       I’ll never quit aspiring to get a bikini-worthy bod.

4.       I’ll never base my worth as a woman based on the number of a scale.

5.       I’ll never lose my inner childishness.

6.       I’ll never spend less than $20 bucks for a haircut unless I’d like to be scalped.

7.       I’ll never buy another convertible or (any car smaller then a Toyota Camry)

8.       I’ll never judge a book by its cover or anything else by its outward appearance.

9.       I’ll never enhance my face by any surgical procedure.

10.   I’ll never be able to whistle (I’ve tried! I’m convinced…).

11.   I’ll never wish to be anything other than a southern girl.

12.   I’ll never waste my time counting calories (life’s too short).

13.   I’ll never fly coach on a flight 10 hours or longer (I’ll save up to upgrade to premium)

14.   I’ll never run for President nor do I desire to.

15.   I’ll never turn down a trip to go anywhere, every place can be adventuresome.

16.   I’ll never say never after finishing this list…(laughing)… to be continued…

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Facebook Tied To Feeling Fat, Eating Disorders



By: Leslie Meredith

“Do I look fat?” The answer is a resounding yes if you’re on Facebook. But it’s not your friends telling you, it’s yourself.

Facebook is fueling our thin-obsessed culture, says a new study from the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Maryland that surveyed 600 Facebook users, ages 16 to 40. More than half said that Facebook makes them more self-conscious about their bodies and weight. And men were some of those with the most negative feelings.

While more women than men admitted they’d like to lose some weight, 75 percent compared to 58 percent, men were far more vocal about their dissatisfaction. Forty percent of men said they’ve posted negative comments about their bodies, while only half that number of women had done so.

“People are now constantly aware of their appearance, thanks to Facebook,” Steven Crawford, associate director at the center, told TechNewsDaily. “A common reaction is, ‘I need to be thinner’ And it’s that kind of thinking that can lead to hazardous dieting .”

“Facebook is an influential factor in developing severe eating disorders,” Crawford said.

When you’re unhappy with the way you look, it’s easy to avoid mirrors. But it’s becoming pretty tough to go without Facebook. Eight percent of those surveyed log onto Facebook at least once a day. It’s impossible to avoid seeing photos of yourself and your friends. But we’re not just looking — we’re comparing.

Timeline — Facebook’s new profile format — makes it easy. With a click you can see what you looked like five years ago, and the comparison can be depressing. Nearly a third of people felt “sad” when comparing photos of themselves and their friends, and 44 percent wished they had the same body or weight as a friend on Facebook.

Facebook photo comparisons are also affecting the social lives of Facebook users. Like celebrities who worry about the paparazzi, Facebook users are concerned every time they go out that their photo will show up on the network.

“Facebook is fueling a “camera-ready” mentality,” Crawford said. “People look at photos before an upcoming high school reunion and decide not to go.” Why? Because they think they don’t look good enough.

The center has tips for people suffering from Facebook-induced body envy, including subscribing to Facebook pages such as “Adios Barbie” and “End Fat Talk.” But if you can’t stop making negative comparisons between yourself and others, log off

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Getting to Know Yourself by Looking at Outward…

post by Art Decker.


“Getting to know yourself” has become a billion-dollar industry. Self-help books have carved quite a niche out of it. Myers Briggs and countless others reap quite a profit every year from people like me who hope to “find themselves” by plugging some information into a magic formula and then expecting to look over to the other side of the equation to discover who we really are. But is it really that simple?

All the fuss got me to thinking that the whole self-evaluation thing is maybe a tad overrated. And that if you are finding it difficult getting to know yourself, then maybe the answer just might be to start looking outward instead of inward. In other words, perhaps some of the time we spend reflecting could be put to better use living and engaging.

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Dear Every Woman I Know, Including Me…


I feel the following article articulates with such precision  how many of us as women verbally butcher & emotionally assault ourselves into depression over each and every line on our face,  & the number on the scale. I have found myself at times literally crying while in the shower after weighing myself; now how sad is that! It is without a doubt time to stop emotionally & physically abusing ourselves and begin embracing the beautiful human beings we are… I hope you enjoy the article.

There’s never a better time to start loving yourself than right now. Author Amy Bloom tells women everywhere how.

By Amy Bloom

A few years ago, I was at a lunch for the launch of a TV show called How to Look Good Naked. (Do I need to say that the host was a slim gay man and the soon-to-be-almost-naked were all women? Can we even imagine a show in which men try to improve their appearance before the big reveal in the boudoir?) The middle-aged woman sitting next to me almost spat out her white wine. “How to look good naked?” she said. “Wear clothes!”
I wish that helped. But after 58 years of being female, I’ve come to the conclusion that a healthy, positive body image is hard to find, and neither caftans nor liposuction nor photoshopping is the answer.

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