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I’ve found a home in you.

I awoke this morning with you on my mind…

memories of how we met and how someday we’ll part… how I knew you were born for me right from the start. our girls, the miraculous shared, the mundane, the madness, the sadness, our love for one another, the friendship we share… our joy, our sorrow, the tomorrows we’ll share…your hands, your feet, your skin, the way you danced in the rain for me, the memory of you washing my hair, the beach we share, our long walks there, your support when I’ve been ill and loved me still… the way you’ve loved our girls without reservation, your willingness always to do more without hesitation… our intimate moments, the worst of times, and everything in between… our I do’s, our I love you’s… your kindness, your touch, your acceptance, your love, your eyes, your legs your voice, your strength, your compassion, your childhood memories… our walks, our talks, our silence, the places we’ve been, the places we’ve yet to see …because of this and so much more… I’ve found a home in you.

Angela Soelzer Ragosa

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One More Time


One More Time

Marked by the Muse

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”
— Maya Angelou

Today, trust that you can create the change that is calling within you one more time.

You can create your dreams come true one more time.

You can trust your creative spirit is leading you one more time.

You can have faith that what you envision is in process of becoming one more time.

You can gather the courage to create what your inner whispers are urging one more time.

You can take one more step one more time.

You can believe that your journey will yield the fruits of your heart one more time.

You can imagine that those blooms will become the fragrance of joy within your everyday life one more time.

You can remember you are here for a purpose one more time.

You can honor the value – your value – that you bring to others one more time.

You can share those inner whispers with the world, instead of holding them mute inside you one more time.

You can have confidence that you hear the voice of your Spirit and are following its guidance one more time.

You can be free now by singing your song today one more time.

You can draw from the well of strength deep within your spirit one more time, to live one more day and become one step closer to being who you truly are.

You are unique and your finger print proves it.

Today, is about celebrating you one more time.

Tomorrow you begin to continue one more time…

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I’ll Have The Truth Please. Something To Think About…


If you are not honest in dealing with the people who care deeply for you in your life; the relationship is then built upon falsities and deceit. Nothing in life is harder to live down, undo, or do damage control for, than when it is born out of a lie. When we choose to lie to people, we are saying to them “I don’t trust you enough with my personal truth, and/or, I don’t trust your character enough to accept me fully, flawed and all. When we choose to lie, we cheat ourselves out of a life we were born to live.

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Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

From the June 2008 issue of O

By Valerie Monroe


Everywhere we turn, there are images of gorgeous women, constant reproaches to the reality of us, with our real bodies and un-Photoshopped flaws. We’re not buying it anymore. We’re tackling the critics—from the parents and teachers who favor the prettiest children to look-ist employers to the most hurtful of all, that nasty, catty girl who lives right behind our eyes.

Not long ago, I sat in my office, chatting with a friend. “I want to talk to you about your face,” I said. “Oh my God,” she said, looking stricken. “Do I need a facelift?” (I forget that people think I have a right to be openly critical of their appearance because I’m a beauty editor.) No, no, I said; I only wanted to know what she saw when she looked in the mirror.

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Walking Wounded


“The real voyage of discovery consists

not in seeking new landscapes

but in having new eyes.”


Marcel Proust


I consider myself to be among the walking wounded (as I believe… we all are)… and if we as a people have never felt the infinite void caused by losing a loved one… perhaps a Sister, Brother, Mother or Father or quite possibly, your Mother and your Father within a span of six months as I recently did…or you’ve not yet felt the sting of personal failure, the humility while asking for financial assistance, or needing a handout of food and/or possibly food stamps in order to feed your belly that’s been empty with an ache which seems like an eternity… or had to ask for help feeding yourself because you’re too sick to lift the fork. We all get a turn if we’re blessed to live long enough and that’s a fact… I used these examples from which I pulled from my own personal experiences in life; which indelibly shaped and molded who I am today at this very moment. From these many experiences I’ve come to realize life isn’t always easy, in fact, there are times it felt like a cruel joke, a nightmare that I could slap myself out of… but, if we are willing and prepared to see beyond the hurt, the loss, the pain, the embarrassment, humiliation and setbacks… It is then we are able to see that each breathe is a privilege beyond compare… I for one intend on enjoying each and every beautiful reprieve life offers me, vowing to view each and every loss of a loved one with the acknowledgement of how incredibly blessed I was to have spent time with them, loved them, been loved by them, cared for them to the end… I choose to view set-backs as temporary roadblocks; as an opportunity to shine my brightest.

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Killing the Internet


Why Kill the Internet?

Written by Joshua Millburne

Earlier this year I made the conscious decision to remove all internet service from my apartment. It ended up being the best decision I ever made with respect to productivity.

Why Kill the Internet?

Why did I get rid of the internet at home?

Well, there is one primary reason: I was not content with my productivity. I felt I could do more meaningful things than spend time on the internet—meaningful things like write, exercise, contribute to others, establish connections with new people, and strengthen existing relationships.

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Bride of the New Dawn

Ballet project by ABorisovStudio


Ballet Project by ABorisov Studio


Bride of the New Dawn

by Laura Mullen

She appears to be recognized as herself and not herself, new because endlessly recycled, not what she was but not what she will be—see? Not married and not not married, the processional’s a ritual meant to extend a magical present, until the head of this pin is the size of a rented hall and all of us angels, stepping out on the long blank train of her on-going gown. To go in single and come married out is easy enough, what matters is to enlarge the interstitial, to live as long as we can in the not exactly no longer and the not quite not yet also. Where organ music drowns the ill-digested vows and the empty stomach growls.

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Anastasia Kuba 2

photograph Anastasia Kuba


by Julie Henderson

Lately I’ve been laying low you know avoiding the places lots of people go because before I even arrive I already know what you’re all thinking collectively and when I get up real nice and close I listen to your thoughts individually and it’s not because I asked and most of the time it’s not because I care It’s that my own transparency is thinner than the air we’re all swimming in and

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I want to Write Just like Julie henderson… Except… it would be me!

  I felt compelled to share another one of Julie Henderson’s poems with you today. Julie Henderson is my Hero, When I grow up, I want to Write just like Julie, Except… It would be me… SmilingWho are your hero’s? Share…

  Anastasia Kuba

photo, Anastasia Cuba

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