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Martha Beck’s 7 Steps to Creating the Life You Really Want…

A simple guide to mapping out the journey of your lifetime.

I read this article recently in O Magazine and found it a clever way of practicing introspection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…


Odysseus just wanted to go to Ithaca. No, not the one in upstate New York—the one in ancient Greece. He dreamed of it the whole seven years he spent trapped on the island of the nymph Calypso. Eventually the pitying gods ordered Calypso to free him, at which point he managed to build a boat and set out on what he hoped would be a brief and pleasant journey.
At every turn, Odysseus’s travels were filled with surprises. He conquered monsters at sea only to find worse ones waiting on land. He encountered seductions that sent him half mad with longing. Finally, in the Land of the Dead, he got clear directions from a seer who, oxymoronically enough, was blind.
Does this ring any bells for you? Maybe you, too, feel stranded in your life, awash in a turbulent sea, or lured by the Siren song of a terrifying love. Or maybe you just hope to experience Winnipeg someday, if only for a long weekend. Fortunately, you have your own internal “blind seer”. It can feel its way into the future and draw you a map. I mean literally. Our project today is to help you create a map of your own epic tomorrows—a magically morphing guide that will get more detailed and accurate as you travel.

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10 Thoughts On Mindful Living In 2013

1. Make this the year you follow through.




3. Other people may have opinions about where your life is headed, but only you have the power to prove them wrong.


4. The path to fearless living goes straight through the roadblocks, NOT AROUND THEM.




6. Creativity goes beyond sheer artistry; IT TAKES COURAGE TO EXPRESS YOUR IDEAS.


7. Disagreements offer invaluable insights. Don’t avoid them-study them.


8. To truly detoxify your lifestyle, think about what you can add in, NOT JUST TAKE OUT.


9. The coziest homes aren’t merely filled with stuff; THEY’RE DESIGNED TO BRING PEOPLE CLOSER.


10. An ending doesn’t have to be sad. IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO BEGIN SOMETHING NEW.

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I Say Never…


Now that I’ve entered middle age, it’s occurred to me that no matter how high the number of years I’ve lived increases there are a few things I can definitely say I’ll never do:

1.       I’ll never tire of hearing that I’m cute.

2.       I’ll never quit trying to be the best me I can be.

3.       I’ll never quit aspiring to get a bikini-worthy bod.

4.       I’ll never base my worth as a woman based on the number of a scale.

5.       I’ll never lose my inner childishness.

6.       I’ll never spend less than $20 bucks for a haircut unless I’d like to be scalped.

7.       I’ll never buy another convertible or (any car smaller then a Toyota Camry)

8.       I’ll never judge a book by its cover or anything else by its outward appearance.

9.       I’ll never enhance my face by any surgical procedure.

10.   I’ll never be able to whistle (I’ve tried! I’m convinced…).

11.   I’ll never wish to be anything other than a southern girl.

12.   I’ll never waste my time counting calories (life’s too short).

13.   I’ll never fly coach on a flight 10 hours or longer (I’ll save up to upgrade to premium)

14.   I’ll never run for President nor do I desire to.

15.   I’ll never turn down a trip to go anywhere, every place can be adventuresome.

16.   I’ll never say never after finishing this list…(laughing)… to be continued…

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What’s In My Beach-Bag?


Now that Summer-time is quickly approaching I thought it would be fun for me to share with you what I’ll be carrying to the beach this summer…


Made In The Shade…

You wouldn’t catch me without my favorite shades…

Ralph Lauren, available at ralphlauren.com


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100 Ways To Get Your Mojo Running…


One of the best ways to get inspired is to inspire someone else. Here are 100 ways to get inspired. I hope you find this useful, and I hope that you pass these on to those who may benefit.

1. Change your routine.

2. Make a new habit.

3. Break an old habit.

4. Outsource tasks you’re not good at or don’t enjoy.

5. Get a coach.

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10 Thoughts On Mindful Living…


1. It’s important to occasionally go out on a limb-especially if you expect to get the best fruit.

2. Walt Whitman may have said it best: “If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred.”

3. Think about the places or environments that bring out the best in you. Now figure out a way to visit them more often

4. Dwelling on small joys is more rewarding than obsessing over little annoyances.

5. File under clichéd-but-true: The quirky things that make you “you”-even the so-called flaws-may turn out to be assets.

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life lessons…


live with intention.
walk to the edge.
listen hard.
play with abandon.
practice wellness.
… laugh.
risk love.
continue to learn.
appreciate your friends.
choose with no regret.
fail with enthusiasm.
stand by your family.
celebrate the holidays that make sense.
lead or follow a leader.
do what you love.
live as if this is all there is.

Mary Anne Radmacher

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What We Did For Fun Before The Computer (via The Biz of Pacelinebiz)

A fun look back… Enjoy & thank you to the author The Biz of Pacelinebiz. Great post!

What We Did For Fun Before The Computer When I grew up, the video game was not invented yet.  The home video game Pong did not come along until I was nearly in my teens.  Al Gore had not invented the internet either.  So, what did we do back then for fun?  Besides dodging dinosaurs we had a lot of fun games that were played outside with other human beings.  For those under thirty years old – outside is the place where that annoying sun glare on your computer screen comes from.  I tried … Read More

via The Biz of Pacelinebiz

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by Raimi

Love is not necessarily romantic, although I understand my thoughts on romantic love is what was requested from me. Simply put, from a young age we are told to find one person, and our love should go to them, no one else. We allocate our attention to one person neglecting the wondrous experience of loving the billions of souls that inhabit this earth. There is no quota for love, if you have one person you love adding a second wont bankrupt you emotionally. Love is a wish for the happiness, fulfillment and joy of another, keeping them in mind and supporting their growth as a human being. Love is being involved with something outside yourself. We are often so preoccupied with what is happening to us we cause our own suffering, if only we focused on the experience of something outside our minds we would see fantastic results regarding our happiness. Thats why it feels so great to be with the person you love, they take you away from your preoccupation, and you feel happily intoxicated by the world.

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