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Black and white portrait of tired little girl with sad eyes. Shallow DOF



I long to return where my heart’s song began

The quaint city by the ocean I once knew so well

How I long to play along her sugar white shore

Swim in her ocean as deep and as blue as my longing

I long to jump up and down amidst her ocean floor with it’s scattered sea shells that tumble and stumble, all the while, tickling the tips of my toes

Crash about in her ocean waves as if I were a discarded cork, bobbing freely, just me…



©2011  Angela C. Soelzer Ragosa


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Anastasia Kuba 2

photograph Anastasia Kuba


by Julie Henderson

Lately I’ve been laying low you know avoiding the places lots of people go because before I even arrive I already know what you’re all thinking collectively and when I get up real nice and close I listen to your thoughts individually and it’s not because I asked and most of the time it’s not because I care It’s that my own transparency is thinner than the air we’re all swimming in and

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The Birth Factor

I’ve been thinking of babies, little balls of cells and energy and song. I want to fill my house with their tiny baby fists and milky baby wails. I want to swell. I want to nurse. I want to begin again. But I’m old and tired bodied. I bend against the weight of my life. My husband tells me it’s biological, that we have enough children, and I can’t argue with him, and I can’t argue with myself. My gut aches and ignores all rational argument. I need to give birth to something, so I write and fill my house with lengths of glittery syllables that I tend to and cradle, and when they are ready, and when I am ready, I send them off to the world and the next day I start again. I can have as many poems as my body needs. They are never biological and no one can argue that we have enough under the eaves of our low roofs.

-Jen Lambert

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What would your perfect day resemble


What would your perfect day resemble? What would your schedule be like, what would you eat? Would you get dressed and go out for the day to your perfect favorite place, or would you stay in your P.J.s snuggling up in the comfort of your cozy bed? What music would you listen to… or would you have perfect silence all around you or would you be with family & friends or deliciously alone for the day? What would you look like? Would you be just as you are today or would you opt to be 10lb.s thinner or 10lb.s heavier? Would you be in love with someone or happily loving yourself & on your own? Would your home be full of family’s thoughts, feelings & voices or filled solely with thoughts of your own? Would you dance by the light of the moon or enjoy the evening with a favorite read?

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