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The Lost Art Of Free Time

It was after midnight. I had just spent the day intensely focused on completing all of my book edits to return to my editor, the culmination of weeks of labor. Typically, I would be sound asleep when the clock strikes 12. But instead, due to the huge rush of excitement created by finishing such a major task, I found myself completely reorganizing a storage closet.

The next day I was exhausted. But did I stop? Oh no. I instead inched myself forward by reading a book that I had wanted to get to—but hadn’t for a while, and then checked off another item on my list by responding to a lengthy e-mail before finally giving myself permission to go to sleep.

When you come out of a major busy season or complete a massive project, it’s more important than ever to relearn the art of rest. This requires choosing to not feel guilty about wanting time to truly relax and be creative. If you don’t make a conscious choice for rest, you will find yourself always filling your time by ticking off items instead of giving yourself space to be in the moment—thinking, doodling, reading, musing, or doing whatever fills you creatively. 

If you don’t make a conscious choice for rest, you will find yourself always filling your time by ticking off items.

Not only can scheduled rest renew your joy in life, but also, make you more creative. According to the Scientific American article “Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime:”

“Downtime replenishes the brain’s stores of attention and motivation, encourages productivity and creativity, and is essential to both achieve our highest levels of performance and simply form stable memories in everyday life. A wandering mind unsticks us in time so that we can learn from the past and plan for the future. Moments of respite may even be necessary to keep one’s moral compass in working order and maintain a sense of self.” Continue reading

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8 Energy Zappers—and How to Avoid Them…


Call it a personal energy crisis. On the surface, your life seems full enough—maybe even too full—yet you’re running on empty. You feel stretched thin, stressed-out, drained.
Sound familiar? It’s an epidemic, as described in Boston-based psychotherapist Mira Kirshenbaum’s revelatory new book, The Emotional Energy Factor. The most common complaints Americans bring to our doctors, she says, are: “I feel tired all the time,” and “Why do I feel so blah?” Once possible physical causes of fatigue have been ruled out (a crucial first step), many doctors diagnose mild depression and reach for the prescription pad. But is this really depression—or just depletion? And why do some people always have energy?

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How to Boost Your Confidence


Want to look and feel confident, even when you’re quaking in your boots? Strike a pose, say researchers at Northwestern University.

Sit back in your seat with one arm stretched across the top of your chair, your chest out, and your ankle crossed over your knee. Did you just feel a drop in anxiety and a surge in feelings of competence? Turns out that simply placing your body in postures that project power triggers two key hormonal changes. When researchers assigned study subjects certain postures (expansive or constricted) and roles (manager or subordinate), it was the seated posture that gave people the biggest shot of confidence. “The position raises levels of testosterone, a hormone that drives us to take action,” explains author Adam Galinsky, Ph.D. “At the same time, it reduces cortisol, a stress hormone.”

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how to multi-task without losing your mind…

You can, as the song says, bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, do eight things at once (seven more than your man). But as you’ll discover, more is not merrier.

By Sara Reistad-Long


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Kicking Caffeine to the Curb


At the first of the year I embarked, along with several thousand of my readers, in a year-long journey to transition our family to a more whole foods (aka real food) lifestyle. A year long so that we can make the change slowly and gradually instead of all at once and overwhelming ourselves.


When we started, like most, I dug in my heals about a few things. Namely, my preference for cola and cola icees. I was on board for our journey but I wasn’t on board for giving up some of my favorite treats. This particular one was my “reward” for a tough mom day. My “don’t get in my way” pregnancy craving (when I was pregnant). My method for taking the edge off a headache. My special treat at a restaurant. And my “I don’t drink coffee” beverage.

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The exhaustion cure


Are you feeling stressed, fatigued, and burned out? Discover the top 10 ways to put a stopper in your personal energy drains

Consider this simple question: How are you?
We answer it 10 times a day, often rejoining with a clipped “Fine” or “Busy!” accompanied by a glazed smile. But when your best friend or spouse asks, perhaps you tell the deeper truth: You’re stressed out and tired. Really tired.

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How to Spend Your Time the Way You Want To…


If only there were an extra hour in the day, we’d get more rest, read more books. Heck, we’d write ’em! But in our frantic world, it’s hard to find even a minute. Our plan will show you how to declutter your schedule and make room for what’s important — in just two weeks.

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Embrace your Face…


My Mother was a true natural beauty; perfectly symmetrical with gorgeous full lips, enticing Big Brown eyes, lushes lashes & in her younger years, a rockin body… Blessed was she, no doubt about it!

I on the other hand, never felt so lucky growing up partly because of my heart-shaped crooked mouth and freckles. I can recall feeling anything but beautiful when studying my reflection in the mirror, that is, until I discovered the magic of cosmetics especially lip liner and foundation which hid those freckles (which I now realize are perfectly adorable). Now at 49 I realize these imperfections are what make me interesting looking and authentic.

I’m not quite sure my Mother felt the same way due to the fact anytime she’d see me without a full face of makeup she’d make the remark “why didn’t you put on your face today?” I have to admit my heart sank each time I heard this. It took me close to 40 years to conjure up the courage to finally speak up and so the last time she made this remark, I walked into the room and she said “why didn’t you put your face on?” …For which I replied, “Mom, this is my face, and I feel beautiful!”

by Angela C. Ragosa

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5 Things Happy People Do …


I loved reading this article from O Magazine, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…

Sages going back to Socrates have offered advice on how to be happy, but only now are scientists beginning to address this question with systematic, controlled research. Although many of the new studies reaffirm time-honored wisdom (“Do what you love,” “To thine own self be true”), they also add a number of fresh twists and insights. We canvassed the leading experts on what happy people have in common—and why it’s worth trying to become one of them.

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Why do women hide their real age?


When it comes to the issue concerning a man and a woman, the intrigues involved cannot be overemphasized. Especially when they are both romantically inclined a lot is really involved. They try to impress each other with everything within their reach. They try to look and act good just to get the other party to fall deeper and deeper in love. Then comes a time in the relationship when the man needs or wants to know how old the lady he is involved is really is.

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