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Free Money!

In a prior post I mentioned my recent addiction to Reddit. I have enjoyed reading and making comments on posts (mainly in the personal finance subreddit). I have been impressed with the quality of …

Source: Free Money!


Free Money!

Enjoyed this article & thought it contains practical advice many of us could use & put to use.

IMG_4229In a prior post I mentioned my recent addiction to Reddit. I have enjoyed reading and making comments on posts (mainly in the personal finance subreddit). I have been impressed with the quality of many (but not all) of the responses that people provide to folks that are truly searching for needed information.

The personal finance subreddit is always filled with questions about debt, credit cards, and car loans. There are many questions regarding which credit card provides the most benefits (X% back on purchases, X points free if you spend $X,XXX amount in the first 3 months). People post how they use these cards to pay for everything and get $1,000 or $2,000, or more in credits or used the mileage they earned to get a free airline ticket for their vacation. They say it is “free money”. I also see some posts about 0% financing for vehicles. It is “free money”…

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Are you Taking Time out to Reflect?


Do you take time out of your life to reflect?

Yes, I realise you may be busy, however reflection is important. What I mean by reflect – is taking the time out to review a situation or activity, your week, day, month or year. It is a great tool that allows you to take notice and become more mindful of what is happening in our lives.For example, have you ever noticed when you start a new activity, you are often enthusiastic and dedicated at first and then things change? Why does that happen? To be honest, I am not sure why it happens for you as we are all different and unique, however this is one of the reasons why it is important to take time out and reflect. Continue reading

Alan Watts – 101 Quotes to Celebrate 101 Years of Influence

Meaningful “Life Quotes” from philosopher / prolific writer Alan Watts!


unnamedAlan Watts (Jan 6, 1915 – Nov 16, 1973) was a philosopher known for opening Western minds to Eastern wisdom. He called himself an entertainer, rather than a guru or teacher, and encouraged a dialogue that is increasingly relevant in the spectrum of current events. Intertwined with stunning scholarship, his buoyant humor resounds, linking many of us to the collective unconscious. Today, 101 years after his birth, I’m sharing 101 quotes that have deeply impacted my understanding of the human experience. Enjoy!

*Alan Watts was a prolific writer and speaker. I source the specific work for every quote that I can, and include “(audio)” to reference material sourced from audio lectures found on and Hearing his voice and cadence drives his message to a deeper level; I recommend Alan Watts 101 for short animated videos coupled with some of my favorite talks.

  1. “This is the real secret of…

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The Democratization of Business

In recent months my husband retired and has taken up blogging here on WordPress. The following is one of my favorites that he’s written so far and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!


Like many Americans, we have a dog!  His name is Duke.  Over the years we have spent a great deal of money on Duke for food, vet visits, toys, and boarding fees.  The last item has been a key issue for my family since we travel a great deal.  I have been a long time customer of Petsmart.  The store closest to my home is a one-stop shop with the usual pet products, a Banfield pet hospital, and a dog & cat hotel.  Duke visits the vet at this location and has been boarded there several times.   Duke seems to like it there and the staff seems to truly enjoy having the pets around.  The cost is not cheap and I have been concerned that the amount of individual attention can get low, especially during the busy holiday season.

With a long trip coming up, I wanted to look at…

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Not everyone is the creative type, right? Wrong. Peggy Orenstein uncovers the roots of imaginative thinking.

By Peggy Orenstein

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I always love to read a blogpost that strikes my funny bone but also has a ring of truth to it! Check this one out friends!

Lily In Canada

I’ve determined that every Best Actor and Actress has something in common. They pick roles that will shock people. They pick roles that are challenging. They pick roles that will make people love them because, deep down, they hate themselves so much. The least we can do is award them with some kind of trophy for all their hard work on top of their enormous salaries. We’re just the little people, after all.

If you want to go through all of the mess of going on auditions and getting discovered, go right ahead. That’s the hard stuff. If you want to find a role that will win you an Oscar, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tricks of the trade I’ve picked up from being an avid movie watcher:

Make yourself fugly. No one wants to be on the big screen and look awful, right?…

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I loved this blog post and found it so incredibly true, for me as well…
Enjoy and Happy New Year my friends!

I read this post off of freshley pressed today and thought to myself, “I can definitely relate.” Great post so I just had to share it with you too!

Amp Up First Impressions…


Want to make a good first impression? Let it slip that you hit the gym. When participants in a 2012 study were told someone worked out moderately or intensely as opposed to not at all, they rated that person more positively, even in areas that had nothing to do with fitness. The findings make sense given the widespread promotion of exercise as a healthy habit, says study author Robin B. Kanarek, Ph.D., of Tufts University― who also notes that, in a follow-up-study, active women were rated as five years younger than those who skipped exercise.

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